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Everything You Need To Know About The Crabs STD

STD Crabs Pics

Maybe you have been grossed out by STD Crabs Pics at some point, and you would like to know how they can be kept far, far away from you. Crabs are actually bloodsucking lice that resemble crabs because they have legs that are quite large and are shaped like crab chelae or pincers. The scientific name for the crab louse is Pthirus pubis, with the word pubis indicating that this species lives in the pubic or genital region of the human body.


In STD crabs pics that can be viewed on the Internet and in medical references, crabs can be tan to grayish white in color. People infested with crabs occasionally find rust-colored spots on their underwear, due to bleeding where they have been bitten by crabs. People from STD crabs pics can also have small blue spots on the skin under their pubic hair. The spots are a bruise-like skin reaction to louse bites.

The eggs of crab lice are so small that they can barely be seen in STD crabs pics and are called nits. Typically, they are yellow to white ovals that are attached firmly to the hair shaft. Crab lice eggs can take six to ten days to hatch.


A nit hatches into the nymph, an immature crab louse that is a smaller version of adult crabs. The nymph becomes mature and can reproduce in about two to three weeks after hatching.


Adult female crabs, which lay the nits, tend to be larger than the adult males. The adult lice in STD crabs pics are the ones that cause itching, which is the most common symptom of lice infestation. Lice have to feed on blood to live, so crab lice use their pincer legs to cling to hair because if they fall off the person they are on, they will die in one to two days.


Crabs can be big enough to be seen with the naked eye, but a magnifying glass may be necessary to find them and their nits. They may be difficult to find if only a few of them are on a person, but they do not crawl as fast as head or body lice do. They frequently attach themselves to more than one hair.


You can avoid being one of those people in STD crabs pics by taking certain precautions. Avoid sexual contact with anyone who is infested with crabs and do not use articles like clothing, towels, and bed linen that have come in contact with someone infested.

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